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On Monday, a judge sentenced Sheriff Mirkarimi to three years of probation and a year of counseling. Under the plea agreement, Sheriff Mirkarimi must pay $590 in fines, serve probation, spend a year in a domestic violence intervention program, take parenting classes and do community service.

The district attorney said Sheriff Mirkarimi will be barred from carrying a gun until a judge lifts a stay-away order that prevents the sheriff from seeing his wife without court permission. Mr. Gascon said that order could stay in place for the entire three years of probation.

Sheriff Mirkarimi said he was undergoing counseling to address “my arrogance and anger management issues” and reiterated his advocacy against domestic violence during his time on the Board of Supervisors.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lee has named a retired chief deputy, Vicki Hennessy, to serve as interim sheriff.