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Jordan Crawford, who likes to shoot almost as much as the recently-traded Nick Young did, led the team with 23 points. Wittman elected to sit him for the entire fourth quarter, though, because he wanted to keep Roger Mason on the floor, as he had the hot hand. Mason scored 16 points.

“I’m getting more [playing] time and settling into rhythm here,” Mason said.

Leading the way for the Nets with 17 points was Deron Williams. Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and Anthony Morrow each scored 13.

After the game, Wall sat smiling in the locker room and admitted that the addition of Nene could be exactly what this group needed.

“It was fun, interesting as well. He knows the game very well,” Wall said of playing with Nene. “It takes a lot of pressure off the guards if you can give somebody the ball in the low post who can score and also pass. Before, we just cut nonchalantly because nine times out of ten, you [weren’t] getting the ball back.”