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But that means Sanchez will have to come off the field at points during the game, and that’s something he has never been a fan of _ even in practice. He was angered when Ryan put in 41-year-old Mark Brunell to take a few snaps, and the coach acknowledged he did it to fire up his young quarterback.

The knock on Sanchez is that during his first three seasons, he never had a backup who would keep him in check, make him wonder about his job security. In Sanchez’s rookie season, it was Kellen Clemens _ a guy once regarded as the franchise’s quarterback of the future who never panned out. The past two seasons, it was Brunell, who was more a coach and big brother than a true threat to his job.

Tebow now becomes the first quarterback who will offer Sanchez some serious competition for playing time.

When it comes down to skill level and the ability to play the position, Sanchez is clearly the better pure quarterback. Tebow’s mechanics are off, his decision-making is sketchy at times and his execution is unpredictable.

But when it works … watch out.

Tebow had an incredible run after he replaced Orton and pulled off one comeback victory after another _ after being mostly subpar for the first three quarters of those games. The use of the wildcat offense has faded around the NFL since it was the talk of the league just a few years ago, but the Jets‘ new offensive coordinator is Tony Sparano, who was at the forefront of the resurrecting the scheme with the Dolphins.

Enter Tebow.

“Mark knows he’s the starter, and he knows we all need to improve from last year,” Jets defensive end Mike DeVito said. “I think he’s going to be motivated and driven. I don’t think he’s going to be worried about Tim. I think he’s going to be more excited about having him on the team. I believe they’ll be fine.”