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Other tributes were going on in NBA arenas on Friday night. Carmelo Anthony tweeted a photo of himself in a gray hoodie, with the words “I am Trayvon Martin!!!!!” over the picture, and his New York Knicks’ teammate Amare Stoudemire _ a central Florida native _ arrived for his team’s game in Toronto wearing a hooded sweater. Stoudemire also wore a gray hoodie while working out long before tip-off.

“That’s not too far from where I grew up in Orlando,” Stoudemire said of Sanford, where Martin was shot. “So it’s really a touchy situation because you want to have positive community leaders.”

Earlier Friday, Fox News Channel commentator Geraldo Rivera said on “Fox & Friends” the hoodie Martin wore when he was killed was as much responsible for his death as the man who shot him. Rivera later said his comment was “politically incorrect.”

Separately, a Florida state lawmaker, Rep. Alan Williams, a Democrat from Tallahassee, called upon the Heat stars and other NBA players to wear hoodies during pregame warmups. Such a move would not be permitted under the NBA’s uniform policy, though the tributes such as messages on sneakers are allowed.

“When you see Trayvon, when you see that image, he could be anybody’s kid, black or white, Hispanic, Asian, what have you,” Williams said in a telephone interview. “Basketball is a sport that kind of transcends race and class and all those things that divide us.”

The NBPA called not only for Zimmerman’s “prompt arrest,” but a review of the Sanford Police Department, saying its “silence in the face of this injustice is reprehensible.”

“We had a discussion about whether or not it was the right thing to do as a board and we had enough of our members that decided it was OK to put together a statement,” union president Derek Fisher said.

“I haven’t seen the statement just yet, but overall I hope at least that the sentiment was just that whether it’s Trayvon Martin or any young person in this country, if something happens that justice prevails and that there’s a full investigation and everything that can be looked into is looked into. Law enforcement will do the best job they can obviously to find a resolution. It’s a tragedy and very unfortunate. I think we all should just continue to pray for Trayvon’s family and continue to give them support.”



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