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In an interview in the Louvre’s in-house magazine, she said she has been reassured on some aspects that bothered her. But she also said she remained unhappy about other points of the restoration. She notably criticized the decision to remove a white patch on the body of the infant Jesus, which she said was painted by Leonardo himself.

Whether it was done by the Renaissance man we will never know, an artist who made only 18 works _ all unfinished.

Indeed, mystery still shrouds much of Leonardo’s career.

A discovery restorers stumbled across during the cleaning of the Saint Anne painting points to another mystery, this one in Leonardo’s hometown of Florence and linked to his missing masterpiece “The Battle of Anghiari” also known as “The Lost Leonardo.”

After infrared photography was used to scan the Louvre work, the exhibit shows that two pictures were found that had been secretly hidden in the painting for hundreds of years.

One, drawn by a left-handed artist, is thought to be by Leonardo, who was himself left-handed.

It is a depiction of the hatchings on a horse’s head, similar to that in the mural of “The Battle of Anghiari.”

Curator Delieuvin would not speculate on the finding _ or another more dramatic discovery linked to the lost work revealed earlier this month in Florence.

There, researchers said they may have discovered traces of this lost mural by da Vinci by poking a probe through cracks in a 16th century fresco by Giorgio Vasari painted on the wall of the Palazzo Vecchio, one of the city’s most famous buildings.

The research team leader Maurizio Seracini of the University of California said “The Battle of Anghiari” could be hidden behind the fresco done by Vasari years later.

Seracini said that Vasari, an admirer of the Renaissance, would never have destroyed a da Vinci work.

He pointed out a small but possibly telling clue: painted on a tiny flag in Vasari’s fresco are the words “Cerca trova” _ Italian for “seek and you will find.”

The Louvre exhibit, “Saint Anne, Leonardo da Vinci’s Ultimate Masterpiece,” runs from March 29 to June 25.