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Cornel Rasor, chairman of the county Republican Central Committee, doesn’t see much appeal to Mr. Winkler’s candidacy.

“The seven people that like him will vote for him,” Mr. Rasor said. “I don’t think he has a chance.”’

Bonner County is heavily Republican, with a large tea party following. But “there are very few Aryans here,” Mr. Rasor said.

A human rights group leader urged local voters to reject Mr. Winkler.

“If the voters of Bonner County will turn out in large numbers to oppose Winkler’s candidacy, they will be sending a clear message of opposition to all those who come to our great state to promote hate-filled ideologies,” said Tony Stewart of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, which, along with the Southern Poverty Law Center, put the Aryan Nations out of business with a lawsuit more than a decade ago.

Mr. Winkler, 33, was for years an associate of Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler, who ran for mayor of Hayden in 2003, the last time an admitted white supremacist appeared on a ballot in northern Idaho. Mr. Butler received only about 50 of the 2,300 votes cast in that election, Mr. Stewart said.


Activist released from prison isolation unit

SALT LAKE CITY Lawyers for a prominent environmental activist say he has been released from an isolation unit at a federal prison and returned to a minimum-security camp.

Tim DeChristopher is serving two years for fraudulently bidding on drilling leases near Utah’s national parks in an effort to keep the parcels undeveloped.

DeChristopher called his supporters Thursday to say he was out of an isolation unit at a federal prison in Herlong, Calif. He’s back in a nearby minimum-security camp with full privileges after spending 20 days in isolation.

One of his lawyers, Pat Shea, said DeChristopher was placed in confinement for an ill-advised word he used in an email to supporters. He used the word “threaten” about returning a donation that was made to his legal defense fund.


Hospital: Jail death mom was treated appropriately

RICHMOND HEIGHTS A St. Louis hospital says it made every effort to help a homeless woman who sought treatment for a sprained ankle and subsequently died in police custody after being arrested for refusing to leave the facility.

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