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The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman has caused many things, from personal tragedy for family members to protest marches, endless speculation, charges, countercharges, cultural moments and wall-to-wall news. Have those stories been equitable? No, says a National Review insta-poll of about 12,000 readers: 97 percent agreed that press coverage has not been fair.


Or is it owners behaving badly? Embrace Pet Insurance has revealed the five “craziest” things that mostly dogs have eaten in their zeal to be, well, dogs. And yes, the company paid out on the claims. First came Isabella, a golden retriever who ate marijuana-laced cookies and became ill; the claim was $1,476. Sasha the Samoyed ate a razor, and the owner received $1,452; Peanut the Labrador wolfed down marbles, and the claim payment was $312. A Bernese Mountain Dog named Regan ate a soft toy, resulting in a $157 payment, while Sappho, a rogue Russian Blue kitty, ate part of a bra. The owner got $121.

“Pets are inevitably going to get up to devious escapades,” observes Laura Bennett, founder of the New York-based company, who adds that all critters survived just fine.


• 49 percent of American men support President Obama, 46 percent support Mitt Romney in an Obama/Romney match-up.

• 58 percent of American women support Mr. Obama, 38 percent support Mr. Romney.

• 94 percent of Democratic men and 93 percent of Democratic women support Mr. Obama.

• 93 percent of Republican men and 89 percent of Republican women support Mr. Romney.

• 85 percent of liberal men and 93 percent of liberal women support Mr. Obama.

• 72 percent of conservative men and 70 percent of conservative women support Mr. Romney.

• 42 percent of independent male voters and 52 percent of women independents support Mr. Obama.

• 47 percent of independent male voters and 39 percent of women independents support Mr. Romney.

Source: A Pew Research Center survey of 1,168 registered U.S. voters conducted March 7-11 and released Thursday; the sample included 602 women and 586 men.

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