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While the conference might overlook the Hoyas as serious competition, Ravnaas is going to take advantage of his squad being the underdog. He’s out prove just how threatening Georgetown is.

“People don’t really expect us to achieve or win a lot of games,” Ravnaas said. “And so, I think the fact that they don’t expect that helps us a lot.”

Whether Ravnaas finds himself finishing at the bottom with a 5-21 Big East season, or finishing first this past summer with the Newport Gulls in the New England Collegiate Baseball League, two things are constant: his steadfast attitude, and his approach to the plate.

“Whenever I step into the box, I do the same routine before every single pitch,” he said. “Before the pitcher even steps on the rubber, I will step into the box, say something to myself, and then step out of the box and get my signs from my coach. I always step in with my left foot first. I look at a specific part of my bat and then I’ll take a deep breath and try to calm myself down, and focus, and then I’ll start staring at the pitcher and try to block everything else out.”

Whatever the situation, Ravnaas knows what it takes to come out on top. With a trip to the Little League World Series as inspiration, the senior’s heart lies with the game.