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Mr. McDonnell reiterated his concern that Democrats were still holding up the budget process in a political dispute over representation on committees. He called the spat over committee assignments “below the dignity of the Virginia people” and “not the Virginia way.”

Earlier on Monday, Mr. Saslaw and Mr. McEachin responded to a letter the governor had written to them last week asking, essentially, what it would take to get Democrats to vote for the budget.

“A well-put query, the responses to which we believe have fallen on deaf ears,” they wrote. “Clearly, the answer lies in the best interests of Virginians, not the radical agenda of your party.”

They reiterated that Democrats would not vote for a budget that, for example, would bump 4,500 elderly people off Medicaid and fund K-12 education below 2007 levels. They said they also object to using $69 million of settlement money from a lawsuit over illicit foreclosure practices to supplement localities and brace for potential federal cutbacks, rather than put it directly toward people hit by the housing crisis.

“We are eager to work with you to craft a budget that works for all in our Commonwealth,” they said in the letter, “rather than simply scoring partisan political points.”