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But she added that she has long admired his courage and passion for his political beliefs, even if she didn’t share them.

“He’s a braver man than me,” she said.

Hammond is now jailed pending transport to New York, where he will face charges in a case in which Monsegur has already pleaded guilty.

Attempts to reach Monsegur on Wednesday were unsuccessful. His lawyer, Peggy Cross-Goldenberg, declined to comment. No one answered the door of his family’s apartment in the Jacob Riis Houses, a public housing project that has seen hard times over the years. Neighbors said it is the kind of place where people can still be seen shooting heroin in the stairwells.

Monsegur’s family was a subject of a 2007 story by The New York Times about former residents of public housing, barred from visiting relatives still living in the buildings because of drug convictions. In the article, Monsegur’s father, also named Hector, said he wasn’t allowed to visit his mother at the Jacob Riis Houses because he had served seven years in prison for selling heroin.

“The courts let me do seven, but with them, it’s one strike and they give me life,” he said.

Monsegur’s Internet alter-ego was intermittently in contact with the press. Sabu once feuded furiously with Guardian journalist Charles Arthur on Twitter, and, in an account published Tuesday, Gawker journalist Adrian Chen said he’d even reached the hacker over the phone last September, describing him as having a thick New York accent and laughing off the threat of prison.

“I come from the streets,” Chen quoted him as saying. “I’m not scared of jail.”

Late last year, Sabu participated in a marathon question-and-answer session on user-driven news website Reddit. Among the Redditors’ most popular questions: Have you been contacted by the government?

“No, not yet,” Sabu replied. “I represent an idea, even if they do contact me they cannot stop that idea from moving forward.”

Elsewhere he identified himself as a “grown ass man” from the Bronx, said he had a background in English and social sciences, was an Eagles fan and a self-taught hacker. He said he liked writing, playing music and “spending time with family.” He said he was a car buff, too.

Federal prosecutors confirmed that much in an indictment unsealed Tuesday, saying that Monsegur had hacked into the computer systems of an auto parts supplier and shipped himself four motors, worth $3,450.

Sabu’s politics were a matter of speculation. His Twitter avatar used to display the green Sha’ada flag often used by Hamas. Sabu described himself as an anarchist sympathizer who got involved in the loosely organized worldwide hacking group Anonymous when Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of engineering the biggest leak of classified information in U.S. history, was arrested. Sabu called the jailed American private, whose defense lawyers say he was emotionally troubled and shouldn’t have had access to classified material, “my overlord.”

Asked if he was afraid of being caught, he replied: “I’m past the point of no return.”

In one exchange, Sabu was asked if he had any advice for new hackers.

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