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The Syrian military captured Baba Amr last week after a battle with a small armed rebel force extending nearly four weeks.

The Syrian government sealed off the neighborhood during the past six days and claimed the situation was too dangerous to allow humanitarian workers to enter.

“They haven’t let anyone in for a week, and now they are going to let them in?” Homs activist Tarek Badrakhan said to the Associated Press.

“Today it’s simple. They finished their crimes and hid all the proof. Now they think they can show that everything is normal.”

Also Wednesday, Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki repeated his offer of asylum for Mr. Assad, after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin refused to even consider sheltering the Syrian leader. He was elected president again on Sunday.

“If the price of peace in Syria is to give safe haven to this guy, why not?” Mr. Marzouki told the British Broadcasting Corp.
In Moscow, Mr. Putin told reporters who asked about asylum for Mr. Assad, “We are not even discussing the question.”

Russia has repeatedly defended the Syrian leader and blocked U.N. efforts to condemn his crackdown on the protesters.

• This article is based in part on wire service reports.