Inside Politics: Holder disturbed by reports of NYPD surveillance in Jersey

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. says he’s disturbed by what he’s read about the New York Police Department conducting surveillance of mosques and Islamic student organizations in New Jersey.

Mr. Holder says the Justice Department is reviewing the matter.

The attorney general told a Senate hearing Thursday he has spoken to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who strongly emphasized his concerns about the surveillance program.

Mr. Christie has criticized the New York Police Department for what he and other New Jersey officials have described as less than full coordination and disclosure to them of what was going on.

Mr. Holder didn’t say whether he was more concerned about the lack of coordination or the surveillance itself.


Obama, GOP governors share many education views

When it comes to education, President Obama and many Republicans are finding common ground.

GOP governors are pushing some of the most aggressive changes in education policy today. Many credit Mr. Obama with helping to pave the way.

The areas where they tend to agree include creating teacher evaluation systems with consequences, merit pay for teachers, holding schools more accountable for student learning, and the use of charter schools that use public dollars but are run by an independent third party.

They tend to disagree on the use of taxpayer-funded vouchers parents can use to help send their children to private schools. The administration opposes them, but many governors say parents need more choices.

The administration also opposes rollbacks to collective bargaining rights for teachers that some governors support.


Gingrich looking weary on campaign trail

TUPELO, Miss. — It was an ominous introduction for Republican Newt Gingrich, whose future as a presidential candidate rests in Mississippi and Alabama.

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