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One American, Robert Becker, opted to stay behind and was in court on Thursday.


Pakistan charges bin Laden’s widows

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan has charged Osama bin Laden’s three widows with illegally entering and living in the country, the interior minister said Thursday.

The three women have been in Pakistani detention since May last year, when U.S. commandos raided the house where they, bin Laden and several of their children were staying. The commandos shot and killed bin Laden, and then buried his body at sea.

Rehman Malik said the three had been charged in court, but he did not say when. It was unclear if they had a lawyer.

He said their children were free to leave Pakistan, but could stay with their mothers for the duration of the trial.


Militia hands over airport to government

BENGHAZI — A powerful Libyan militia that took over the country’s busiest airport when Moammar Gadhafi was deposed said Thursday it will hand over responsibility for the airport to the government, which is struggling to assert its control over militias across Libya.

The decision by the Zintan forces to relinquish such a powerful symbol, the airport in the capital of Tripoli, represents a victory for Libya’s central government, which has been heavily criticized for failing to rein in the various militia groups operating across the country.

The test, however, will be whether government forces will be able to ensure the security and safety of airport operations.

A spokesman for the Zintan militia, Khaled Kar, said Thursday that commanders will hand over the airport to the Ministry of Interior within a week in an official ceremony. He vowed the handover would be permanent.


New laws to guard women from abuse

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