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NEW YORK — Denver Post Editor Gregory Moore and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman have been named co-chairmen of the board that administers the Pulitzer Prizes in journalism and the arts.

Columbia University announced Thursday that Mr. Moore and Mr. Friedman had been chosen to lead the 19-member board.

Mr. Moore has been the Post’s editor since going to Denver in June 2002. He joined the newspaper after 16 years at the Boston Globe, the last eight as managing editor.

Mr. Friedman joined the Times in 1981 and has won the Pulitzer Prize three times for his work there. He has been the paper’s foreign affairs columnist since 1995.

Both have served on the board since 2004. Pulitzer board members serve a maximum of nine years while a chairman serves for only one year.


Environmental activist appealing conviction

DENVER — A federal appeals court in Denver is hearing arguments in the appeal of an environmental activist convicted of disrupting the sale of oil and gas leases of public lands near Utah’s national parks.

The courtroom at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals was nearly full Thursday as lawyers presented their cases.

Defense lawyers argue that Tim DeChristopher was wrongly convicted last summer. They say DeChristopher lacked criminal intent and should have been allowed to testify that he was acting in civil disobedience to disrupt an auction he believed was illegal.

Prosecutors say DeChristopher acted in bad faith and his conviction should stand.

The college student bid on nearly $1.7 million in leases he couldn’t pay for while running up prices for others at the auction in 2010.


Teacher faces dismissal over ‘cone of shame’

ZEPHYRHILLS — A Florida high school science teacher faces dismissal amid allegations that she used a “cone of shame” dog collar to discipline students.

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