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Pasco County schools superintendent Heather Fiorentino has recommended firing 47-year-old Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp for putting a dog collar on at least eight of her ninth graders during two days in April.

The collar was reportedly the type used to prevent animals from licking themselves after surgery. “Cone of shame” is a reference to the animated film “Up,” which Ms. Bailey-Cutkomp had previously shown to students.

Zephyrhills High administrators learned of the allegations after seeing the students’ photos on Facebook. Parents tipped off the school.

She has requested a hearing before the school board to appeal the superintendent’s decision. A telephone message left for Ms. Bailey-Cutkomp wasn’t immediately returned.


Man plans year’s stay on uninhabited island

ANCHORAGE — Charles Baird is going off the grid.

The 40-year-old Anchorage man plans to leave May 27 for Latouche Island, where he will live a solitary lifestyle for the next year.

Latouche Island is in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, about 100 miles southwest of the port city of Valdez.

He’s planning to hunt and fish, and pass time by reading some of the several thousand e-books he’s taking with him. The reader will be charged by solar and wind power systems he’ll bring.

He’s also planning to film his adventure, eventually hoping to sell it as a documentary series.

Mr. Baird said the biggest challenge he’ll face will be the isolation.

He’ll also have to deal with the island’s extreme weather, not to mention its large black bear population.


Naked unicyclist charged for distracting drivers

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