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- Bumper sticker spotted in Enid, Okla.


Considering that the White House would bring many millions should it be sold on the open market, a compendium of historic homes currently for sale all across the nation can be found at The lowest price? Try $1 for the 3,430-square-foot “Thomas Benton Jacobs House” built in 1864 in Jeffersonville, Ind.

At the site, check the left column for “historic real estate.”


The American electorate has separated into scores of distinct demographics defined by ethnicity, faith, income, region and esoterica. Yes. Who’s got the pet owner and vegetarian vote, anyway? Political strategists pore over the possibilities with scientific fervor, pining to attract a few to their candidates.

CNN addresses three of the “most contested” voter categories — military veterans, blacks and Hispanics. “Voters in America,” a new documentary series, premieres at 8 p.m. ET Sunday with “Vets Wanted,” an episode devoted to vets and narrated by former Army infantryman JR Martin. The challenges of repeat deployments, civilian life and the efficacy of the Veterans Jobs Bill are on the table here; the program will be rebroadcast May 19.


• 87 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday.

• $18.6 billion: the total Americans will spend on celebrations and gifts.

• $153: amount the average person will spend, up $11 over last year.

• 66 percent will buy a gift for their mother or stepmother, 22 percent for their wife.

• 11 percent will buy a gift for their daughter, 10 percent for “another relative,” 8 percent for their grandmother, 8 percent for a sister, 7 percent for a friend.

• 83 percent will buy a greeting card, spending $700 million; 66 percent will buy flowers, spending $2.2 billion.

• 54 percent will treat mom to brunch or dinner, spending $3.4 billion; 33 percent will buy mom clothing or jewelry, spending $1.6 billion.

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