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No party is expected to dominate the parliament, though the real question will be whether the turnout surpasses the anemic 35 percent of 2007.


U.S. allocates $40 million for victims of Syrian crisis

AMMAN — A U.S. State Department official responsible for refugees said Washington has allocated $40 million to assist relief organizations aiding victims of the Syrian crisis.

Anne Richard, assistant secretary of state for population, refugees, and migration, said the money will be funneled through international and local agencies inside Syria and in surrounding countries, including Jordan.

She said Palestinians and Iraqis in Syria will also benefit.


Airstrikes kill 7 al Qaeda terrorists

SANAA — Two airstrikes Thursday in south Yemen killed seven al Qaeda terrorists, including two top operatives, officials said.

The attacks could be another setback for al Qaeda, coming just days after details emerged about a Saudi mole within the network who reportedly provided information allowing the CIA to target a key leader of Yemen’s terror branch.

The United States has usually used drones to strike al Qaeda in Yemen. Yemeni officials said one of the raids was carried out by a drone but provided no details on the other.

The first, predawn strike Thursday killed five militants, hitting a house on the western outskirts of Jaar where they were staying and completely leveling the structure.

One of those killed was a senior member of the terror network in charge of armament, known by his moniker al-Galadi, Yemeni officials said.

The second airstrike hit in Shaqra, killing two militants. Yemeni officials said one of those killed was al Qaeda’s second-in-command for Lawder, a town further north.


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