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It isn’t, of course, and that means taxpayers will be digging even deeper to keep the Rams. The team has already rejected a plan that would include $60 million in public money for a new scoreboard, more club seating and better lighting, and there’s no doubt the final tab will be much more.

Compared to the dome in St. Louis, the Metrodome _ which opened in 1982 _ is an aged relic, the last stadium built in the multipurpose use era. Still, it wasn’t a bad place to play football, and they did spend $20 million on a new roof for it last year after the old one collapsed in a snowstorm.

But the new stadium will have suites _ and lots of them. It will have premium seating, and every amenity possible to separate fans from their money.

The Wilfs will do well on their investment, no doubt. They should thank the good citizens of Minnesota for picking up the tab.


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