- - Thursday, May 17, 2012


TAIPEI — Taiwan is due to receive two coastal mine hunters from the United States within months in a deal aimed at enhancing the island’s ability to defend itself against China, the navy said Thursday.

The two Osprey class vessels - the world’s second largest mine hunters - are expected to be delivered in the second half of this year, a navy spokesman said, declining to provide a more specific time frame.

The two vessels, which were decommissioned from the U.S. Navy in 2006, are being retrofitted and are scheduled to be handed over to Taiwan in July, the state Central News Agency said.

The vessels can find, classify and destroy mines, and will help Taiwan increase its anti-blockade abilities in case of war with China, analysts say.

The sale of the two vessels is part of a $6.4 billion arms deal that includes Patriot missiles, Black Hawk helicopters and communications equipment for Taiwan’s F-16 fleet of fighter jets.


Bomb blasts, arrests occur during Bangladesh strike

DHAKA — Bomb blasts and arrests marked an opposition-called general strike in Bangladesh on Thursday in protest of a court order jailing 33 of the alliance’s leaders.

No injuries were reported from several crude bombs that exploded in Dhaka.

Schools and businesses were shut in the capital, and public life was disrupted in other major cities and towns during the shutdown. The United News of Bangladesh agency said police arrested at least 17 activists in Dhaka.

ATN Bangla television station said more than 100 opposition supporters were arrested in various districts.

A court Wednesday denied bail to 33 opposition leaders charged with involvement in an arson attack during a strike last month.

The defendants include former Cabinet ministers and the acting secretary general of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. It heads the 18-party opposition alliance.

The opposition says the arson charge is politically motivated and the bail rejection is aimed at suppressing the opposition movement.

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