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Garrett Cunningham says he was raped in a Texas prison by a guard in 2000, and now works with Just Detention International, an anti-prison rape group. “If strong national standards had been in place when I was in prison, my abuse may have never happened. Now that the standards have been released, we can make sure it never happens again,” said Mr. Cunningham, who testified to Congress about his ordeal.

The regulations are immediately binding on federal prisons. States that don’t fall in line face a loss of 5 percent of their Justice Department prison money unless their governor certifies that the same amount of money is being used to bring the state into compliance.


Walker says he’s not afraid to lose recall

HARTLAND — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he’s not afraid to lose the recall election he faces in less than three weeks, but if he wins, he intends to govern in a more inclusive, consensus-building way.

Mr. Walker’s first 16 months in office have been marked by massive protests and a sharp partisan war over public employees’ union rights.

Mr. Walker refused to say in a Thursday interview whether he would veto a bill making Wisconsin a right-to-work state, which would allow workers to refuse to pay dues even if they are covered by a union contract. Mr. Walker says he would actively oppose such a proposal.

The Republican faces Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the June 5 recall in a rematch of their November 2010 contest.


Pot groups hope state race sends a message

PORTLAND — Medical marijuana advocates have a message for Democratic leaders and federal prosecutors with an eye on political office: Don’t mess with pot.

One of the nation’s largest drug-policy groups is claiming credit after a former federal prosecutor was defeated in the Democratic primary for Oregon attorney general. He had been the early favorite to win.

As interim U.S. attorney, Dwight Holton oversaw efforts to crack down on medical marijuana clubs. Federal prosecutors have led similar crackdowns in other states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal use.

Retired judge Ellen Rosenblum easily defeated Mr. Holton after saying she’d make marijuana enforcement a low priority.

She had the help of the Drug Policy Alliance and its allies, which chipped in at least a quarter of Ms. Rosenblum’s total campaign cash.

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