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It was Mr. Laurie who chose which leg for his character’s crippling blood clot, he divulged with a laugh when asked.

“I tried it various ways, including limping with both legs, but that was just ungainly,” he joked. “Then I settled on the right leg. But I have always wondered whether, if I switched legs for an episode, anyone would notice.”

In conversation, the Oxford, England-born Mr. Laurie is not only charming, but witty, befitting his past comedic series “Black Adder” and “Jeeves and Wooster” (in which he starred with Stephen Fry), as well as, more recently, the “Stuart Little” films.

Of course, “House” had its own mordant comic streak.

“It was extremely important that the character be funny: He had to be good value for the audience, and also to explain Wilson’s tolerance and friendship. You had to believe that, at the end of the day, Wilson just delighted in the fact that House was an occasionally outrageous but almost always funny character to hang out with.”