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Also Sunday, an anti-Syrian cleric and his bodyguard were shot dead in neighboring Lebanon, where a spillover of Syria’s conflict has inflamed tensions and triggered deadly sectarian fighting in recent days.

The two were on their way to a rally in a remote northern Sunni region when they were shot. The circumstances surrounding their deaths remain unclear, but the state-run National News Agency said Sheik Ahmed Abdul-Wahid and his guard appeared to have been killed by soldiers after their convoy failed to stop at an army checkpoint.

The deaths could add to the tensions between pro- and anti-Syrian groups in the region, and there were fears of clashes breaking out as the cleric’s supporters blocked roads with burning tires in protest.

The Lebanese army issued a statement, saying that it deeply regretted the incident and that a committee will investigate.

Clashes between pro- and anti-Syrian groups in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli left eight people and dozens wounded this week.

Zeina Karam reported from Beirut.