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The memorial is a partial replica of one in San Carlos Bay in the Falklands, where British troops began their assault May 21, 1982.


President nixes treatment for Tymoshenko

KIEV — President Viktor Yanukovych on Sunday nixed the idea that imprisoned and ailing ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko be released for treatment abroad ahead of next month’s Euro soccer tournament.

Germany has offered to provide medical care to the 2004 Orange Revolution leader and hinted of a possible boycott by Chancellor Angela Merkel of matches played in Ukraine once the tournament kicks off June 8 in Poland, which is co-hosting the event.

Mr. Yanukovych told national television that pro-government deputies were firmly against the idea of changing the country’s laws to allow convicts to receive treatment abroad.

“If they suddenly adopt this law, only imagine - thousands of convicts with money will begin corrupting the medical profession,” Mr. Yanukovych, who is Mrs. Tymoshenko’s archrival, told Channel One. The deputies “told me they cannot do this.”

Mrs. Tymoshenko, 51, was sentenced to seven years in October on abuse of power charges that she claimed were a part of a vendetta by Mr. Yanukovych against her and her former government team.

EU leaders have rallied to her cause, and some already have vowed to skip all soccer-related events hosted by Ukraine.

The spat has halted Ukraine’s progress toward EU membership and nudged it further into Russia’s orbit amid attempts by Moscow to build closer economic and military alliances with former Soviet republics.

• From wire dispatches and staff reports