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Former Apollo astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Walter Cunningham will also be on hand to explain to the audience why they signed a letter with dozens of other NASA alumni warning the space agency that its promotion of “unproven and unsupported remarks” on global warming is damaging NASA’s reputation. See all the big doings here:


• 73 percent of Americans think the state of moral values in the U.S. are “getting worse”; 19 percent say they are “getting better.”

• 69 percent give the state of U.S. values a negative review; 82 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of Democrats agree.

• When asked what was most important, 18 percent cite a lack of compassion and respect as the most important issue contributing to the nation’s moral problems.

• 11 percent had “no opinion,” 10 percent cite lack of family structure, 10 percent cite a lack of faith and 7 percent cite a “lack of morals.”

• 5 percent cite “sense of entitlement” and government dependency; 5 percent, greed; 4 percent, poor leadership; 4 percent, “TV/media/Internet”; and 4 percent, dishonesty.

• 4 percent cite promiscuity; 3 percent, abortion; 3 percent, homosexuality; 2 percent, poverty; 2 percent, racism; 2 percent, crime; 2 percent, lack of education; and 1 percent, drugs/alcohol.

• 1 percent each cite unemployment, the economy, and “pro-choice/women’s rights.”

Source: A Gallup Poll of 1,024 U.S. adults conducted May 3-6 and released Friday; respondents were ask to define moral problems “in their own words,” not from a predetermined list.

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