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Officials with the air show announced that the annual event that brings tens of thousands of flight fans to the Maryland base is scheduled to become a biennial event to cut costs.

“The next time I’ll be back will be my last year,” Petty Officer Hatfield said.

The show spans three days and costs a little more than $2 million to put on, said Eric Sharman, who is a spokesman at Joint Base Andrews.

“It’s a balance,” Mr. Sharman said of the decision. “We need to do community outreach but also be good stewards with tax dollars.”

Most air bases do a biennial show, Mr. Sharman said, but Andrews has the distinction of being the location for the “Secretary of Defense’s open house.”

Ms. Kirvin said her family just found out Sunday that the show wouldn’t be back until 2014.

“We’re a little disappointed,” she said, but when asked whether the longer wait would deter the annual family tradition, she shook her head.

“We will come back. Absolutely.”