- - Monday, May 21, 2012

NEW YORK — Mitt Romney is set to raise about $10 million during a fundraising swing through New York and Connecticut.

Mr. Romney’s top finance aide told donors in New York City on Monday that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was set to raise at least that — and possibly “substantially” more — during more than a dozen events during two days this week.

Mr. Romney also plans a July fundraiser with former Vice President Dick Cheney in Wyoming, according to a “Save the Date” invitation to the event.

Mr. Romney’s fundraising has skyrocketed since he started raising money with the Republican National Committee. With the party, Mr. Romney raised $40.1 million in April. That’s nearly as much as the $43.6 million that President Obama and the Democratic Party raised together last month.


New disciplinary action taken in war remains case

The Air Force has reprimanded for a second time a colonel accused of retaliating against workers at the Dover, Del., military mortuary who reported the mishandling of body parts of some of America’s war dead.

In a statement, the Air Force said Monday that it issued a reprimand against Col. Robert Edmondson and ordered him to forfeit $7,000 in pay. Last year, it reprimanded him and denied him further command assignments after an inspector general’s probe found him and two others at Dover to be responsible for “gross mismanagement.” He remains in uniform but the punishments are likely to curtail his career.

The Air Force also said it has suspended Trevor Dean, who had served as Col. Edmondson’s top civilian deputy at Dover, for 20 days without pay for his role in the reprisals. A third person accused of taking inappropriate actions against the whistleblowers, Quinton Keel, resigned before action could be taken against him.

For their roles in the mishandling of remains, Mr. Dean and Mr. Keel last year took a cut in pay and were moved to nonsupervisory jobs.

The whistleblowers’ original allegations of mishandling of war remains at Dover were forwarded to the Pentagon in May and July 2010 by an independent federal investigative agency, the Office of Special Counsel.


Mandel, Renacci donations subject of federal probe

COLUMBUS — Federal officials are investigating questionable campaign contributions to two Ohio officeholders, freshman Rep. James B. Renacci and state treasurer and Senate candidate Josh Mandel, spokesmen for both Republicans confirmed Monday.

Renacci spokesman Shawn Ryan said the U.S. attorney’s office contacted the campaign four or five months ago with questions about donations from employees of Benjamin Suarez, a direct-marketing magnate, to either the congressman’s campaign or Mr. Mandel’s.

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