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Nothing much has changed on “Bloom,” the band’s fourth record. Songs such as “Lazuli” repeat their refrain over and over, mixing melody and mood in equal measure, while “Other People” opens up with a blur of white noise before segueing into one of the album’s poppier numbers. The rest of the tracklist is similarly enchanting, like background music that can stop a conversation.

Robin Gibb remembered

Days after the death of disco icon Donna Summer, Bee Gees co-founder Robin Gibb also passed away, delivering another blow to a music industry riddled with losses in recent months.

He was more than a singer. In a genre filled with vocalists who rarely write their own songs, Mr. Gibb and his two brothers penned all of their hits. Other popular artists relied on the Bee Gees for help, too, and Otis Redding was originally slated to record “To Love Somebody,” a song co-written by Mr. Gibb and brother Barry, before a plane crash took his life.

Barry Gibb eventually became the Bee Gees’ lead singer, taking over the role that Robin had occupied during the band’s infancy. Still, Robin played an enormously important part in shaping the music industry during the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, writing everything from psychedelic pop tunes to soul songs to disco anthems.