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In the meantime, the Saints say they do not intend to allow Brees‘ absence to slow them down.

“The good thing is the leadership on this team has been spread among people the last few years, so with some of the key guys missing right now, it’s easy for guys like me, Roman Harper, and some other new guys as well … to step into those leadership roles,” safety Malcolm Jenkins said. “Chase Daniel is doing a phenomenal job with the offense, so as long as we can lean on those leaders and spread the responsibility throughout the team, I think we’ll be all right.”

Strief said the significance of Brees‘ absence at this point in the offseason has been exaggerated by some.

“Whatever the story is in the offseason, it’s overblown, whether it’s good or bad, because there’s nothing else to talk about,” Strief said. “Last year it was the lockout, and when the season started it still looked a lot like football, and the fears and worries whether anyone is going to know what they’re doing weren’t true. It’s the same with Drew. Drew’s going to come back. He’s not going to forget the offense.

Drew’s absence will be weird for sure, but we all expect him to be there in training camp,” Strief added. “There’s a point where, yes, it becomes an issue, but we’re months from that point.”