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In a ruling published Tuesday, the three-judge appeals panel ordered the state to return the guns. It cited reports by two mental health professionals that found Mr. Brek was not a threat.


State law ends labeling of pit bulls as ‘vicious’

COLUMBUS — Pit bulls will no longer be labeled as “vicious” dogs under a new Ohio law.

The measure that took effect Tuesday changed current law that defined a vicious dog as one that had seriously hurt or killed a person, killed another dog or was among those commonly known as pit bulls. The new measure removes the reference to pit bulls from the definition and requires evidence to prove pit bulls are actually vicious.

Family hopes for return of stolen swine statue

CINCINNATI — A life-size swine statue has disappeared in the city once dubbed “Porkopolis,” and its owners are hoping the thief will have a change of heart and return their beloved concrete pig.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Maggie Gieseke and her family had kept the heavy, 2-foot-tall statue for a decade in their front yard in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Sometimes they dressed it up, giving it a white beard and red hat for Christmas, a bow for Valentine’s Day or bunny ears at Easter.


Group sues for protection of rare dolphin population

HONOLULU — An environmental group on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the National Marine Fisheries Service to force a decision on whether it will put a population of rare dolphins living near Hawaii on the endangered species list.

Its species - called “false killer whale” even though it’s a dolphin and doesn’t look like a whale - is found in tropical and temperate waters worldwide. But scientists estimate only about 150 or 170 live in waters less than 90 miles off Hawaii.


Edwards trial jury ends third day of deliberation

GREENSBORO — The jury deciding the fate of former presidential candidate John Edwards finished a third day of deliberations without reaching a verdict.

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