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“The results, for whatever reason, whether it’s our own failures or getting caught up in a wreck that we had nothing to do with, it’s just the way it is. It’s the way this sport can be sometimes.”

Team owner Roger Penske has been impressed with Allmendinger, and believes the organization itself has played a role in his difficult races. For example, Allmendinger won the pole and led 44 laps at Kansas, only to finish 32nd after a throttle linkage broke.

“We’re excited about AJ, and we believe we’ve let him down at times this season,” Penske said. “But that team is showing every sign of being contenders here soon, and capable of winning races.”

Allmendinger believes the best is yet to come. Penske promoted Todd Gordon from the Nationwide Series to crew chief the No. 22 car this season, and Gordon and Allmendinger have only had 10 points races together so far. But he believes Penske is committed to making the team a winner.

“I forget it’s only my 10th race with the team, it’s only the 10th race for Todd Gordon ever crew chiefing the Cup car,” Allmendinger said. “Once we kind of get everything together and we can put a full race in, I feel like we’ll have a chance to win a lot of races. The toughest thing is just looking at those points.

“Roger, when it comes to a team owner, he’s the best I’ve ever had … knowing how this sport is and having patience. I’m the one up there (saying) `We’ve got to go now,’ and he’s the one like `It’s OK. We’ll be fine.’ When you have a team owner like that and an organization around you that says that, it makes it a little bit easier.”