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Presley: Probably like five years ago, I broke out of everything. I just stopped. I just had an awakening, a crash and then a rediscovery period. And yeah, I just needed to get rid of things that I thought were good that weren’t and I needed to go far away and just be around simple people that had a decent _ I don’t know _ just simple things.

AP: What’s day-to-day life like now for you?

Presley: When I’m in England, I think I needed to see and just kind of start from ground zero and just needed to see and discover life again … and just simplicity. When I’m there it tends to be cooking, walking. I love the people in my village. They’re super sweet. It’s a very simple life.

AP: The album’s lyrics focus on religion on several songs. “So Long” includes the lines: “religion so corrupt and running lives” and “churches they don’t have a soul.” How were you thinking about religion as you were writing this? Is it something that is on your mind (Presley has long been identified as a Scientologist)?

Presley: So many things were on my mind. As intriguing as the question might be, I typically don’t talk about what specifically my songs are about. And I also don’t discuss politics and religion _ just as a general rule. But I also write very metaphorically. And I’ll write with whatever is on my mind and it’s not always literal. But I wrote what I wrote. … It’s an open canvas for everyone to draw on, the listener.




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