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Those facts underscore the success of the program, which began in 2004, as well as its popularity as local and federal authorities continue to grapple with the question of what role, if any, school choice should play in education reform.

Kevin P. Chavous, one of the District’s strongest voices for choice, knows the inside story of what’s going on here.

“Parents want this program and have applied in big numbers despite very few formal application events,” Mr. Chavous, a former council member and current senior adviser at the American Federation for Children, said Tuesday.

To deny school vouchers to low-income families is the same as issuing a dream-deferment voucher to their children — for a second time.

It’s unfathomable why the president of the United States — the commander in chief as he is called when such holidays as Memorial Day roll around, would try to divine such a prospect upon families that otherwise could not afford such a possibility that clearly is pregnant with academic expectations.

Poor people have the audacity to hope, too.

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