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Leonard says her group has spent over $100,000 and helped provide over 50 AEDs to schools in Michigan. The group hopes to raise more money. A golf outing is planned for next month, and Jocelyn is hoping that at some point every high school in Michigan will play a basketball game at the same time _ with enough proceeds to enable all schools to have their own AEDs.

Last year, Leonard’s family met with Travis Kvapil before a NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Michigan. Kvapil’s No. 38 Ford carried the logo of the Wes Leonard Heart Team on its rear quarter panels.

Jocelyn Leonard talks emotionally about the outpouring of support _ President Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder are among those who have reached out to the family.

The Wes Leonard Heart Team has been lobbying for legislation to provide schools with AEDs and training to help prevent sudden cardiac arrest in athletes.

“We really shouldn’t have to be doing this for them,” Jocelyn Leonard said. “These schools should already have these.”


Online: Wes Leonard Heart Team: http://www.wesleonardheartteam.or