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The film has drawn inevitable comparisons to current financial woes and the timeless themes of greed vs. poverty and populist anger, but Cronenberg said any link to current affairs was accidental. Still, the shooting did coincide with global anti-capitalist protests that began in late 2011.

“(After filming) in the evenings, to read about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, it seemed at points that we were working more on a documentary,” he said.

DeLillo said he wrote “Cosmopolis” after being struck by the massive gap between rich and poor in Manhattan.

“New York City streets at the turn of the century seemed suddenly filled up with white stretch limousines,” he said.

People come to Cannes to dream, and this gritty, cynical film was seen by some Cannes revelers as a downer. So where was the hope?

“The hope is embodied in the fact that the movie got made in the first place,” Cronenberg said with a dry smile. “It’s not an easy movie to get financed. In Hollywood, $200 million is spent on movies that are extremely conservative, not-edgy. The hope is in the art.”


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