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Wade scored 99 points in the final three games of the Pacers series _ all Miami wins _ while James scored 98 points in those games. James finished the six games against the Pacers with 65 rebounds, his most ever in a postseason series, topping the 60 he grabbed in a seven-game matchup with Detroit in 2006. And Spoelstra isn’t shy about suggesting that the Heat need Wade and James to stay at that level to keep winning, saying Saturday what happened in the last three games against Indiana “has to be the norm.”

Wade and James indicated they welcomed that.

“You prepare to go out there and try to play at a high level,” James said. “Does it always happen that way? It doesn’t. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t go in for you. We’re not just shooting all layups. We’re also making jumpers and floaters and things of that nature. He said the right thing. He said the right thing to just keep us on our toes and let us know we can’t have a relaxed moment.”


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