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Detwiler didn’t have much in the way of answers other than admitting, “I was throwing a lot of balls,” and recognizing 100 pitches through 4 ⅓ innings was untenable.

“It’s just one of those days,” he said.

But that in itself was perhaps a reminder of how this team is different. In the past, “one of those days” may have surely meant a loss, especially with Hudson on the mound against them. But the music pulsed through the speakers in the visitors’ clubhouse and the idea that the Nationals had already taken the first game in a pivotal series — with Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez set up to start the final two — was a nice one.

“These next few days aren’t going to be easy,” said shortstop Ian Desmond, whose two-run single gave the Nationals an early lead. “It’s nice to get that first win out of the way.”