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The addition of an arcade mode (take down waves of enemies to score points) works well, but a multiplayer mode is certainly a standout.

Up to 16 warriors enter mode variations such as Payne Killer (two players take on the role of Max and Raul and must survive against human-controlled opponents) and Gang Wars (teams competing in five-chapter, story-driven events such as taking over a gang’s turf and all based on the campaign narrative).

By the way, bullet-time even works for anyone caught up in your character’s line of sight.

Both add an awesome and addictive dimension to the 12- to 14-hour-long solo campaign.

Max Payne 3 delivers a genre-busting level of brilliance and a nail-biting masterpiece as enjoyable for the gamer as for an engaged movie fan.

Read all about it: Max Payne lovers can easily and freely download a Marvel Custom Solutions-produced digital comic book series delving into the character’s troubled past. The first of three issues are available now.