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Sign. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which filed the first suits defending conscience rights and challenging the Obama contraceptive mandate, has gathered thousands of signatures against the HHS mandate. Join your voice with others and sign the “I Believe” petition asking President Obama to respect the religious freedom of all believers and reverse course on the HHS mandate.

Pray.One way or another, the HHS contraceptive mandate will be decided within a finite period of time. The issue, however, is not going away — in fact, it’s bound to get worse as secularism grips our younger generation ever more firmly. As Mr. Land stated at the National Religious Freedom Conference, what bothers the secularists most is that “the ultimate authority over us is not the state. Our ultimate allegiance belongs to God, as understood by our conscience.”

Let’s plead with our God to guide our country and give us all the courage to stand firm in our convictions — and hold to the integrity of our consciences.

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