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If past festivals have proved anything, it’s that predictions are impossible.

This year’s wild card is French filmmaker Leos Carax’s “Holy Motors,” a film so strange and unpredictable it prompted one journalist to ask the director: “is there a French word for bonkers?”

It was greeted at its press screening with whoops and wild cheers, as well as scattered boos.

The wild reception shows how unpredictable and disorienting Cannes can be.

Director Daniels said he was astonished to learn films routinely get booed at Cannes. There was a smattering of boos at the “The Paperboy” press screening _ and a 16-minute standing ovation at the gala premiere that evening.

“I’m still confused by it all,” the director said _ but, he said, it’s an exciting confusion.

“It’s terribly humbling to be here, and terrifying at the same time, because you want to deliver.”