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Mr. Edano has been accused of failing to provide full information about the accident and of downplaying health dangers.

Eventually, the government acknowledged that three reactor cores had melted at the plant in the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl.


Police arrest suspect in serial killings

BEIJING — Authorities have arrested a man in southwestern China accused of killing 11 people and dismembering, burning and burying their bodies to destroy the evidence.

The Ministry of Public Security said in a statement Sunday that 56-year-old Zhang Yongming was arrested by police in Yunnan province on murder charges.

It said Mr. Zhang is suspected of attacking male victims who were walking alone on a quiet road near his home in Jinning county.

The case is thought to be related to media reports this past week that at least eight young people had gone missing in the county.

The reports sparked a public outcry because they cited relatives of the missing as saying that police ignored their pleas for help and prevented them from contacting the media.


Indian leader woos oil-rich nation

NAYPYIDAW — India’s prime minister began a historic visit to Myanmar on Sunday, stepping up efforts to woo the resource-rich nation and seizing the chance to counter the influence of regional rival China.

Manmohan Singh will hold talks with Myanmar President Thein Sein as well as opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi during the three-day trip, the first by an Indian prime minister to the Southeast Asian nation in a quarter of a century.

Energy-hungry India is eyeing Myanmar’s large oil and natural-gas reserves and is eager to boost trade after a half-century of military rule left Myanmar isolated and heavily reliant on its other giant neighbor, China.

Mr. Singh will meet Thein Sein on Monday in the capital, Naypyidaw, and then travel to the main city of Yangon for talks with Mrs. Suu Kyi on Tuesday, in a move seen as a sign that India wants to reaffirm ties with the veteran democracy activist.

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