- The Washington Times - Monday, May 28, 2012


I am glad Lady Gaga canceled her “Born This Way” Ball in Indonesia (“Lady Gaga: Singer cancels Indonesia show after threats,” Web, Sunday). Lady Gaga’s music is aimed at the masses, is industrially produced and ultimately has to be described as belonging to the cult of the banal.

Her album “Born This Way” is a narcissistic exercise in self-absorption that never attempts to answer the core question elicited by the title as to what it really means to be authentically human. For Lady Gaga, the mantra “born this way” is nothing more than a convenient slogan to justify anarchy and sexual permissiveness.

From the self-centered clothes she wears to the artificial self-esteem she exudes in song, Lady Gaga stands for everything that is wrong in society.


Hamilton, Ontario



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