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And Hinchcliffe doesn’t get the sense that having the Andretti name _ and all the baggage that comes with it at Indianapolis _ weighs too heavily on Marco.

“It’s something that he’s had to deal with his whole life, whether it’s at Indy or Milwaukee or Toronto,” Hinchcliffe said. “Every time he gets in a car, his grandfather’s still Mario and his dad’s still Michael. … Indy means so much to all the drivers, and everybody’s got a different sort of personal connection with that race. And while fans may try to add pressure because of the name, I don’t think it’s something that weighs on him too, too much.”

Michael Andretti said he hasn’t had to console his son, who is focused on the IndyCar series’ race in the Detroit area this weekend.

“I didn’t really even see him much,” Andretti said. “I mean, you don’t have to. He’s been there long enough. He’s seen it with me, and he just knows. His focus is on Detroit.”