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The film looks at America’s obsession with dogs, how far individuals will go for their pets and what it will take for people across the country to treat all dogs humanely.

The 73-minute documentary looks at the odds stacked against shelter dogs, spay and neuter education, puppy mills, dog bite victims and how some owners respond when their dog attacks.

The Disney Channel also has a new dog show in the works for the fall and while it does involve a rescue dog, that’s where reality ends. The live-action, multicamera series called “Dog With a Blog” revolves around a dog named Stan (who is really a 4-year-old named Kuma).

In real life, Kuma is a husky, golden retriever and border collie mix who was rescued from a shelter. In the show, he is adopted to tame a pair of feuding stepbrothers. Turns out Stan can read, write and blog.