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Man helping panhandler gets day in court for littering

TOLEDO — A driver who stopped to give a couple of bucks to a panhandler in a wheelchair at a busy freeway interchange was handed a $344 littering ticket by a Cleveland police officer after the cash fell to the ground.

The driver, who is now fighting the ticket, said he can’t believe that his attempt to help someone in need might cost him a lot more.

“It’s turned into a big hassle,” John Davis, of Elyria, told WJW-TV after he pleaded not guilty to the minor misdemeanor Tuesday in court. He is expected back in court Thursday, when he hopes the ticket will be thrown out.

The panhandler was at a busy intersection during rush hour on May 17, and it’s illegal to solicit or give money at the side of a roadway, Cleveland police said. “It’s a huge safety issue,” said police spokeswoman Jennifer Ciaccia. “The main issue was where it occurred.”


Birthing season for moose threatens state residents

ANCHORAGE — Wildlife biologists are warning about the dangers of moose calving season after several people were injured in the past week by protective cow moose, including a 6-year-old girl who was stomped by one in her backyard until her father scared it off.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Jessy Coltrane said moose are giving birth now, and people need to be extra careful around them.

The warning comes after Chloe Metzger was stomped by a moose and suffered a broken clavicle and back injuries Monday in her Eagle River backyard, according to Wednesday’s Anchorage Daily News.

The same day, a moose struck a man outside an Anchorage elementary school, but he was uninjured.

From wire dispatches and staff reports