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“They started to attack, attack, attack _ put your head down and try to draw fouls _ and it worked for them in that fourth quarter,” Spurs guard Manu Ginobili said. “And defensively they were everywhere. I don’t know if we got a little tired or we kind of stopped playing a little, but they were successful in doing what they wanted in the fourth. We just made a couple of tough shots that gave us some fresh air.”

Brooks also questioned how much of the comeback to claim credit for, and how much was San Antonio relaxing after building such a commanding lead.

“If we don’t go down 20 and we have that spurt, we’re in the lead,” Thunder guard James Harden said. “So, we just can’t allow a lack of focus.” He said there were too many “mini-spurts” where Oklahoma City’s lapses let the lead keep ballooning out of control.

No matter what style they try to play, the Thunder already know they can’t get by with that lack of mental discipline.

“You can talk about Xs and Os and adjustments and rotations and all those things but at the end of the day, sometimes you just have to want it,” Fisher said. “How you define that, how you lay that out as a game plan, I don’t know. But when you want it bad enough, you figure it out.

“We have to want it bad enough come tomorrow night in order to figure it out.”