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“I’d forgotten how many terrific things they wrote,” she says. “Even now, a lot of what I say onstage is due to Kander and Ebb. And what I feel is due to Kander.”

Mr. Kander says he doesn’t know any details of the Dramatists Guild gala — and wants to keep it that way. He suspects old friends will be present, but he gets uncomfortable thinking about it.

“The safest place for me in the world is a rehearsal room full of people who are really talented and who care about making some kind of art. The rest of it I’m not really comfortable with,” he says.

“That all sounds very ungracious. I’m very touched to be honored by the Dramatists Guild, which is an organization that means a great deal to me. But I kind of wish it was about somebody else.”

He may try to hide under the table.

“He can’t,” Miss Minnelli says with a huge laugh. “I’m sitting next to him.”




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