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Police chief Terry Holderness said busting Earth Dragon Edibles is not a top priority.

“Nobody’s life is at risk here,” said Holderness. “We will prioritize this appropriately. But ultimately, if they are in violation of the law, they will be shut down.”

The owner of Denver’s Ganja Gourmet knows the feeling. Steve Horwitz said when he opened in 2009, people passed around a bong while dining on eggplant parmigiana and pizza made with cannabis. But Colorado changed its medical marijuana law, and he had to scale back to takeout and groceries.

“It was the future about five years before its time,” he said.

Wallace and Shea remain open while appealing. They hope that if they keep separate bottles of hashish-infused oil on hand for each member/patient, rather than sharing their own stash, the city will no longer object.

Christine Totten, 24, came in with two fellow volunteers from The Greenery, a local medical marijuana resource center.

“I like to support the cannabis community we have going on,” said Totten. “It’s kind of cool to have a place to hang out.”

After a couple hits off the bong at the hash bar, she sat down to a medicated bowl of beef and broccoli, pronouncing it delicious.

“You can’t really taste it that much,” she said of the hashish oil.