- The Washington Times - Friday, May 4, 2012


There is a good deal of propaganda out there now, courtesy of the Democrats, to the effect that the Republicans are waging a war on women (“Obama tries to rally a jobless generation,” Web, Thursday). Let us consider the abortion issue and decide if this is believable.

In Luke 12:48, Jesus said, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required.” God has given women the incredible opportunity and awesome responsibility to continue the human race by having children. He will hold each pregnant woman responsible for how she cared for the child in her womb.

Unfortunately, just as Adam and Eve were deceived, the U.S. Supreme Court deceived people into thinking that what is in a pregnant woman’s womb isn’t a child. The court’s Roe v. Wadedecision gave pregnant women the authority to end their pregnancies by abortion if they so desired.

On one hand, the pro-life Republican Party opposes abortion and tries to discourage women from having their unborn children murdered. On the other hand, the pro-abortion Democratic Party works to keep abortion legal and to fund abortion and Planned Parenthood with taxpayer money. Besides reducing the population, the Democrats’ abortion policies often result in medical and/or emotional harm to women. But the greatest harm is that abortion puts women’s souls in jeopardy, for without repentance and God’s forgiveness, they will have to explain to him at the Last Judgment why they had their innocent unborn children killed.

Decide for yourself which party is trying to help women and which is trying to harm them. And on Mother’s Day, please thank those women who have become mothers and taken on the often difficult task of raising children.





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