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Paul wins majority of state’s delegates

AUGUSTA — Maine Republicans have handed Rep. Ron Paul of Texas a late state victory.

Mr. Paul’s supporters wrested control of the state party convention and elected 15 at-large delegates from Maine to the GOP nominating convention in Tampa, Fla. The other delegation seats remained undecided. Maine is allotted 24 delegates to the national convention.

The libertarian-leaning congressman is the last challenger to remain in the contest for the Republican nomination. Saturday’s turn of events in a neighboring state to where Mr. Romney served as governor would indicate the GOP has not yet united behind the presumptive nominee, and there are indications the infighting may last all the way to the national convention.


With 36 percent of the vote, Mr. Paul finished a close second behind Mr. Romney’s 39 percent in February’s GOP caucuses.


McCain: Romney’s No. 2 pick must have his trust

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, had some advice Sunday for his successor as Republican presidential nominee: Choose someone you trust for vice president.

Mr. McCain, who lost the 2008 election to Democrat Barack Obama, picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. His choice of the little known Alaska governor with limited experience on the national stage fired up the Republican Party’s conservative base, but failed to stem a Democratic tide.

Mr. McCain was asked on ABC’s “This Week” how he would advise former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney about picking a running mate.

“I think it’s a person that he knows he could trust, and the primary [-] the absolute, most important aspect is, if something happened to him, would that person be well qualified to take that place?” Mr. McCain said.

“I happen to believe that was the primary factor in my decision in 2008. And I know it will be Mitt’s,” Mr. McCain said.


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