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Establish medical marijuana facilities and programs (although some complainants are crying foul). Check.

Create government data banks on youths and families. Check.

Reinforce entitlements for illegal immigrants. Check.

Indeed, that latter issue gives Mr. Catania, a far-left independent, a spanking new title.

As the chief, cook and bottle washer for everything health-related for several years, Mr. Catania has now earned the nickname “Golden Boy,” having found $20.5 million in the city’s budget for immigrant health care programs.

Announcing his discovery last week, Mr. Catania said the health care government funds would ensure the city “would not turn back the clock on caring for one of our most vulnerable populations.”

That’s kind of disingenuous, because 1) the city already has very generous entitlement programs; 2) all city programs — even incarceration and legal services — are available to indigent residents, including those who cannot speak English or are here illegally; and 3) the nation’s capital is a “sanctuary city.”

Of course, this is not to say an illegal alien should, say, be left to her own devices as the baby is making his way into this world. No way.

But brown-noser politics is a staple of Democratic politics, and Mr. Catania, by the way, told me many years ago he supported a move for voters to select their own attorney general, and that, yes, he would be interested in such an elective office.

And guess what? The AG post was on his checklist, too.

After approving a referendum in 2010 to amend the D.C. Home Rule Charter, voters will get to elect an attorney general in 2014, when Mr. Catania’s seat is up for re-election.

If the studious Mr. Catania has a true knack for finding missing money, let’s sic him on the school system and see what he can mine.

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